Pedagogical Area

During school breaks, we organize free time activities/summer camps (speccially aimed to elementary and junior high school) according to established programs that take into consideration the season, the festivities, the group characteristics, etc. All activities are based in a teaching program that is both ludic and participative with the guidance of professional monitors. Lunch and snacks can be included, since we have new infraestructures to cook and serve meals.     

Being a leisure place with pedagogical goals, "Quinta do Galo" intents to:

·         Assure families healthy free time occupation for children;

·        Promote ludic-pedagogical activities (painting, drama, conferences…);

·        Develop personal and social values, which will allow children to learn in an informal and ludic way;

·        Promote self-esteem and self-confidence, creativity and imagination, through oriented activities.

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