The Farm


“Quinta do Galo” sprang from the fusion of several fields, some inherited, other bought by its owner José Gabriel Nogueira, who always dreamed of building a farm that reflected his nostalgia for his ancestors’ work and his pleasure of being in touch with Nature.

Seeking this dream, the owner has dedicated himself to transform the farm, since 1992, into a place that allowed the contact with Nature and animals, a place of learning and interactivity – a Pedagogical Farm.

Due to the high maintenance costs of a farm, it was necessary to make it profitable. Therefore, several economical activities linked to leisure and services in a rural place were created.

The origin of the name “Quinta do Galo” (quinta meaning farm; galo meaning rooster) derives from the owner’s preference for domestic birds and from the existence in the beginnings of the farm of a rooster that stood out for its arrogance and aggressiveness.

Quickly it became well-known by all visitors and an authentic figure of the farm. Knowing that the rooster has been adopted by many people and nations as a synonym of joy, festivity, noble causes, bravery, tenacity and struggle for freedom, it soon became the symbol and name of this farm.