The Farm


The farm has about 19,77 acres filled with chestnut trees, orange trees, tangerine trees and lemon trees, whose foliage create a sumptuous environment. In the biological gardens it is cultivated potatoes, cabbages, lettuces, broad beans, yams, aromatic herbs and much more.

It also has a football field, an adventure park, a playground, a small church, a bullfight arena, a covered horse ring, barbecues, a bar, a souvenir shop and an atelier that can be used for different activities. Due to the large amount of antiques collected, it is predictable the building of an ethnographic museum in a near future where all these items can be contemplated.

But being a farm, one must not forget the animals. The farm has horses, ponies, donkeys, several species of chickens, ducks, rabbits, a calf, sheep, goats, cats, and dogs. Soon other animals will join the already existing in the farm.