Pedagogical Area

 “Quinta do Galo” offers you numerous activities aiming the interaction of children and Nature. Occasionally thematic weeks are organized that give the visitors extra activities according to the calendar (Citrines Week, Harvesting Week, Children’s Week, Shearing Week…)

Included are the following activities:

  • Prepare the land, sow/plant, harvest and collect the products from the biological gardens and orchards (agricultural cycle);
  • Do the composting;
  • Feed the domestic animals in their natural habitat;
  • Bake loaf in a wooden oven (loaf cycle);
  • Collect aromatic herbs and other natural resources (oranges, chestnuts, vegetables, eggs…);
  • Make scarecrows;
  • Play traditional and collective games;
  • Tour the farm by pony or horse drawn carriages, buggy…;
  • Ride a pony, horse or donkey;
  • Discover the local traditions (S. Martinho, Christmas, Pão-por-Deus);
  • Do picnics and barbecues;
  • Remember the past by visiting the antiques collection, the crafts shops, the wine cellar…
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